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Being creative has always stuck with me since the day I learned English. Growing up in Chile, I did not have the opportunity to experience the arts but ever since arriving in the states and starting 1st grade, I wanted to be that girl playing the cello and a part of the choir. I knew I had a passion for arts; I craved it. I later pursued playing the French horn as my main instrument and dabbled into a couple of others like guitar and trombone. During my high school years, I spend hours practicing, and it made me feel like nothing else in the world matter but for me and music. As years went by, I did not pursue music in college because I wanted to explore different opportunities. That didn't mean my passion for music stopped. I joined a music organization to continue it as a hobby and met amazing friends that share the same love for music. 


Later this year, in 2021, I pursued a course in UX design. Why? I had the same nostalgic feeling I did when I was younger, craving to create. I've been around many people who work in that field, and after taking the course, I knew this was for me all along. 


What do I do now? 

I am a Consultant at Accenture. I love sports and play in a flag football league. Let's talk about pugs, sneakers, UX, and coffee beans.